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motor with gearbox in dampening AD 700

Ref.: 090013041

Lenze, type, gearbox type 12.311.31.352

Price: 300 €

stretch foil rewinder

Ref.: 140016562

with pre-tensioning, machine bought as new, not used only by experienced, possibility of pre-tensioning of the foil, complete documentation and spare parts


Swigraph R6 wire binding machine

Ref.: 520016726

width 57 cm, winding spiral from wire, 2 output bands (1x narrow band + 1 x 400 mm), 2x spiral head 6 mm + 12 mm, split 1/4 "= 6.35 mm, after repair


Minipack FM 75 packing machine

Ref.: 840016646

2005, size max. 400x250 mm,


Smipack 550 packing machine

Ref.: 840016645

2004, size max. 560x430 mm,


knife grinder

Ref.: 930016802

maximum grinding size approx. 135 cm, the machine is fully functional


knife grinder Silesia A 121

Ref.: 930016839

mechanical knife attachment, maximum grinding size 207 cm, good condition


Busch SW 104 L2 pile turner

Ref.: 980016290

max. pallet size 118x80 cm, max. pallet weight 1 t,

Price: 0 €

PVC cylinder curling side machine Toden A-220

Ref.: 980016770

Double-head automatic bending device is one of the top devices for Toden's packaging. The machine is easy to operate, stable, light, flexible, designed for a wide range of applications.


machine for making of salvers - German

Ref.: 980013983

4 various size - 108x163 mm, 134x198 mm, 233x165 mm, 198x270 mm, temperature control ± 1 °C , can be pressed at once  4-7 pieces cut into dimension

Price: 1 100 €

machine for welding of conical jars Toden A-120

Ref.: 980016771

Ultrasonic welding machine for conical jars. The machine is designed to produce plastic jars, saves labor, improves performance and quality, attractive packaging increases product value, is more suitable for modern business. High efficiency and reliability.


CTP Agfa Xcalibur 45

Ref.: 990015914

2004, width 1.160mm, 2400 dpi/hour, laser 830 nm, 60W, termal plates, RIP: APOGEE 2.1.1., fully functional

Price: 14 900 €