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Foliant Gemini 400A laminating machine

Ref.: 810016777

2008, hot laminantion, size B3, separator, jogger, designed with an operating width of 380mm, max. speed is up to 15m/min., max. sheet size is 38x58 cm, min. sheet size 30x25 cm, shaft capacity is up to 3000m of 24-31 micron films, paper weight 115-350 gsm, warm up time 5 min.,


Foliant Gulliver C520 A laminating machine

Ref.: 810016565

2012, hot laminantion, automatic sheet loading, size max. 520x740 mm, min. 300x250 mm, paper 115-350 g/m2, working temperature 80-140 °C, outpu max. 15 m/min., separator, very good condition


Komfi Delta laminating machine

Ref.: 810016414

2003, hot laminantion, automatic sheet loading, size max. 540x760 mm, min. 200x200 mm, paper 115 - 400 g/m2, working temperature 80-145 °C, output max. 35 m/min., separator