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Perfect binders

Duplo FKS 4000 PUR perfect binder

Ref.: 600016740

single-clamp binder, paper max. 400 g/m2, miller, touchscreen, size min. 120x120 mm, max. 420x360 mm, thickness 2–50 mm, cover min. 120x240 mm, max. 425x780 mm, gluing system - saddle PUR + side EVA Hotmelt, output up to 200 pc/hour,


Horizon BQ 160 perfect binder

Ref.: 600016809

2011, 1 clamp, cover feeder by hand, technology touch & work, saveable jobs - 200 memories for repeat orders, sheet size max. 500x350 mm, min. 128x70 mm, book thickness 1-40 mm, cover size max. 1.050x350 mm, min. 256x70 mm, cover weight 90-300 g/sqm, speed max. 180 cycles/h, very good condition


Horizon BQ 270 perfect binder

Ref.: 600016810

2005, 1 clamp, spine gluing - Hotmelt, sight gluing hotmelt, book block thickness integrated monitoring station (outside the clamp), milling section with extraction, cover feeder - suction drum feeder with 4x scoring, technology touch & work, sheet size max. 320x310 mm, min. 135x115 mm, cover size max. 660x320 mm, min. 240x135 mm, book thickness 1-50 mm, cover weight 90-300 g/sqm, cover pile hight max. 70 mm, speed max. 500 cycles/h,


Purtec KB 1000 PUR perfect binder

Ref.: 600016719

2017, single-clamp binder, PUR Tank 1 kg, with Pneumatic Pressure, Spine glue thickness variable 0,3-0,6-0,9 mm, Spine Gluing PUR, Side Gluing PUR, PLC & Display Touch-Screen, Max Spine Length 38 cm, Spessore min-max dorso 2-40 mm, Speed about 150 meccan. Cycles/h, Clamp & Press pneumatic/electric, Notching, Milling 0,5 mm with special blades for PUR, Start-Stop Gluing control, Covers - manual feeding, Paper extractor


JMD Super Binder-150 perfect binder

Ref.: 600046796

3 clamps, miller, automatic suction feeding envelope with creasing, hot gluing, side gluing, book thickness 2.5-50 mm, output up to 1500 books/hour, unloading belt with cooling fan, good condition