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Adast 857

Ref.: 015056768

2006, 55 mil. prints, 5 colors, size B2 (52x74 cm), alcohol dampening with MGE cooling, perfector 1+4, automatic rollers washing, semi-autoplate, IR dryer, register and ink remote control, CIP3, Superblue,


Polly Prestige 674 + L

Ref.: 015066537

2005, 41 mil. prints, 6 colors + paint, size B2, alcohol dampening, Technotrans cooling, Graficontrol register and ink remote control + cocking, semi-autoplate, auto wash ink rollers,


Horizon HT-70 trimmer

Ref.: 110016666

1995, trimmer + drying tower SL-40, untrimmed book size max. 330×330 mm, min. 110×145 mm, trimmed book size max. 300×300 mm, min. 100×142 mm, thickness max. 50,8 mm, max. speed 1.000 cyc./hour.,


Swigraph R6 wire binding machine

Ref.: 520016726

width 57 cm, winding spiral from wire, 2 output bands (1x narrow band + 1 x 400 mm), 2x spiral head 6 mm + 12 mm, split 1/4 "= 6.35 mm, after repair


end paper gluing machine Uniglue

Ref.: 630016318
The machine adheres the endpaper on the book blocks. The machine accelerates production where no complete automatic line for hardcovers is available. Changing the format takes only 5 seconds. This solution is extremely adaptable and requires very little space. 

binder Uniband

Ref.: 680013699

new machine, book size min. 75x100 mm, max. 350x420 mm, thickness 3-79 mm, capacity max. 360 books/hour



Ref.: 680016727

new machine, ribbon inserting machine, book block min. size 70x100 mm, book block max. size 250x350 mm, book block min. thickness 7 mm, ribbon width 4-10 mm, ribbon lenght max. 460 mm, max. output 300 cycles/h


die cutter automat Heidelberg Cylinder SBG

Ref.: 705016729

size 56x77 cm, good condition