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Adast 315

Ref.: 012016595

2006, 1 color, size A3,


Heidelberg GTOZP 46

Ref.: 012025723

1981, ca. 43 mil. prints, 2 colors, size A3 (320x460 mm), film water dampening, perfector, numbering equipment, excellent condition


MAN Roland Practica

Ref.: 013026837

2 colors, size B3, perfector, alcohol dampening


KBA Performa 66-2

Ref.: 014026661

2007, 94 mil. prints, 2 colors, size A2, without perfector, alcohol dampening with Technotrans cooling, Graficontrol Junior register and ink remote control, high pile delivery, powder sprayer, very good condition


Solna 225

Ref.: 014026559

1974, 2 colors, size A2 (45x64 cm), water dampening, without perfector, powder sprayer, after middle repair, very good condition


Color Metal 127

Ref.: 015015739

1976, 1 color, sizet B2 (52x74 cm), water dampening, good condition


Adast 857

Ref.: 015056768

2006, 55 mil. prints, 5 colors, size B2 (52x74 cm), alcohol dampening with MGE cooling, perfector 1+4, automatic rollers washing, semi-autoplate, IR dryer, register and ink remote control, CIP3, Superblue,


KBA Performa 74-5 + L

Ref.: 015056795

2006, 72 mil. prints, 5 colors + lack, size B2 (520x740 mm), GrafiControl, alcohol dampening with Technotrans, Semiautomatic plate exchange system, Cocking system, Varnish system Harris@Bruno, long delivery, Grafix drying system, densytometr Techkon, Interface CIP4,


Polly Prestige 674 + L

Ref.: 015066537

2005, 41 mil. prints, 6 colors + paint, size B2, alcohol dampening, Technotrans cooling, Graficontrol register and ink remote control + cocking, semi-autoplate, auto wash ink rollers,


MAN Roland Ultra RVU 5

Ref.: 018046822

1977, 4 colors, size A0 (max. 900x1.280 mm, min. 500x700 mm), 60-600 g/m2, powder sprayer, fully functional, can be tested


screen printing semi-automatic machine Thieme 1010 with UV tunnel

Ref.: 040016812

print format 55x75 cm, 2 frames max. format, UV tunnel Ultraterm 770 - manufacturer Aerotherm, belt width 77 cm, double degree of lighting, machine is fully functional


motor with gearbox in dampening AD 700

Ref.: 090013041

Lenze, type, gearbox type 12.311.31.352

Price: 300 €

Polar 78 XS paper cutting machine

Ref.: 101016831

2011, program, air table, side tables, photocell,


Adast Maxima MS 80 paper cutting machine

Ref.: 102016147



Adast Maxima MS 80 MS paper cutting machine

Ref.: 102016832

program Microcut Junior, air table,


Adast Maxima MS 80-1 paper cutting machine

Ref.: 102016703

digital display


Adast Maxima MS 80-1 paper cutting machine

Ref.: 102016723

1989, digital display


Schneider Senator 92 paper cutting machine

Ref.: 103016827

2005, program, air table, side tables, very good condition


Horizon HT-30 trimmer

Ref.: 110016797

2005, counter 312.000, technology touch&work, untrimmed book size max. 320x235x51 mm, min. 152x136x1mm, trimmed book size max. 305x230x51 mm, min. 148x134x1 mm,


Horizon HT-70 trimmer

Ref.: 110016666

1995, trimmer + drying tower SL-40, untrimmed book size max. 330×330 mm, min. 110×145 mm, trimmed book size max. 300×300 mm, min. 100×142 mm, thickness max. 50,8 mm, max. speed 1.000 cyc./hour.,


Perfecta D30-42 trimmer

Ref.: 110016103

fully functional

Price: 3 800 €

QS60 trimmer

Ref.: 110016300

2006, size after trimming max. 380x260 mm, min. 130x90 mm, thickness max. 60 mm, speed max. 25 cycles / min., rarely used


stretch foil rewinder

Ref.: 140016562

with pre-tensioning, machine bought as new, not used only by experienced, possibility of pre-tensioning of the foil, complete documentation and spare parts


grafopress GPC

Ref.: 201016639

with inking, functional


grafopress GPE

Ref.: 201016706

fully functional


grafopress GPE

Ref.: 201016463

fully functional


grafopress GPE

Ref.: 201016257
fully functional, numbering and die-cut 
Price: 1 000 €

Horizon PF-P 330 folding machine

Ref.: 302016750

2005, 2-buckles cross folder, fully automatic roller adjustment, flat pile feeder with air-suction, type of fold - single fold, parallel fold, short fold, letter fold, according fold, gate fold, sheet size max. 310x432 mm, min. 125x130 mm, paper weight 50-190 g/sqm, pile height 50 mm, speed max. 240 sheets/min., very good condition


Stahl T 49-4A.2 folding machine

Ref.: 304015916

1988, 4 pockets,width 49 cm,

Price: 3 300 €

Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52 folding machine

Ref.: 305016344

2002, 4 pockets + 1 knife, size B2, new rollers


Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52 Proline folding machine

Ref.: 305016826

2006, 4 pockets + 1 knife, size B2, feeding table Fi52 with Tremat, stream delivery SAK56


MBO K 52-4KTL folding machine

Ref.: 305016625

4 pockets + 1 knife + 1 knife, size max. 520x840 mm,


MBO T 500 - F folding machine

Ref.: 305016687

4 pockets + 4 pockets, size B2, loading head, new rollers, very good condition


Stahl K56-4KTL-FB2 folding machine

Ref.: 305015865

4 pockets + knife + knife + side pocket, size B2,

Price: 4 500 €

Stahl Ti 52-4 Fi 52 folding machine

Ref.: 305016752

2005, 4 pockets + 4 pockets, size B2,


MBO K 72-4KTL folding machine

Ref.: 307015696

4 pockets +1 knife + 1 knife, size B1 (72x102 cm), flat pile feeder, mobile delivery, counter, very good condition


Heidelberg Stahlfolder FS 100 sewing with thermal thread

Ref.: 394016538

2007, automatic sewing with thermal thread FS 100 KB 36-52 module, one knife (for 16 pages), aximum size unfolded 660×550 mm,


Duplo system 4000 brochure line

Ref.: 410016828

2x suck collators DC 10/60 - 20 stations together, size max. 350x500 mm, min. 120x170 mm, folding and double head stitchin DBM 400, frontal cutting DBM 400T, long delivery, stacker


Heidelberg ST 100.1 brochure line

Ref.: 410016682

2001, 3 double vertical feeders, 2 single hand feed stations, 1 cover folder feeder, stitching unit with stitching heads Hohner, infeed trimmer, trimmer, stream delivery, control system, vacuum pump, formats untrimmed: max. 311x355 mm, min. 92x128 mm, formats trimmed: max. 305x349 mm, min. 89x128 mm, product thickness max. 10 mm, 


Horizon VAC-100 a+m brochure line

Ref.: 410016824

2008, 2 suck collators - 20 stations together, size A3+, SPF 200a folding and double head stitchin, FC 200a frontal cutting


Horizon VAC-600H brochure line

Ref.: 410016730

2013, suck collators VAC-600Ha + VAC-600Hc - 12 stations together, size max. 350x610 mm, SPF-200L folding and double head stitchin, FC-200L frontal cutting, very good condition


Theisen&Bonitz brochure line

Ref.: 410016227

1987, suck collator 7 stations, sewing - sewing heads Hohner 43/6, folding, cutting, good condition

Price: 3 000 €

sewing machine with arm

Ref.: 500016119

arm 80 cm

Price: 800 €

sewing machine with arm

Ref.: 500016120

arm 100 cm

Price: 900 €

Martini sewing machine

Ref.: 510016416

manual loading, fully functional


Swigraph R6 wire binding machine

Ref.: 520016726

width 57 cm, winding spiral from wire, 2 output bands (1x narrow band + 1 x 400 mm), 2x spiral head 6 mm + 12 mm, split 1/4 "= 6.35 mm, after repair


Horizon BQ 160 perfect binder

Ref.: 600016809

2011, 1 clamp, cover feeder by hand, technology touch & work, saveable jobs - 200 memories for repeat orders, sheet size max. 500x350 mm, min. 128x70 mm, book thickness 1-40 mm, cover size max. 1.050x350 mm, min. 256x70 mm, cover weight 90-300 g/sqm, speed max. 180 cycles/h, very good condition


Horizon BQ 270 perfect binder

Ref.: 600016810

2005, 1 clamp, spine gluing - Hotmelt, sight gluing hotmelt, book block thickness integrated monitoring station (outside the clamp), milling section with extraction, cover feeder - suction drum feeder with 4x scoring, technology touch & work, sheet size max. 320x310 mm, min. 135x115 mm, cover size max. 660x320 mm, min. 240x135 mm, book thickness 1-50 mm, cover weight 90-300 g/sqm, cover pile hight max. 70 mm, speed max. 500 cycles/h,


Horizon BQ 270 PUR perfect binder

Ref.: 600016838

ca. 2000, clamp, spine gluing PUR Nordson, sight gluing hotmelt, milling section, cover feeder - suction drum feeder with 4x scoring, sheet size max. 320x320 mm, min. 148x105 mm, book thickness 1-50 mm, cover size max. 660x320 mm, min. 240x135 mm,


Horizon BQ 280 PUR perfect binder

Ref.: 600016833

1 clamp, spine gluing PUR (glue refill by pre melter), sight gluing hotmelt, cover feeder - suction drum feeder with 4x scoring, milling section with extraction,


JMD Super Binder-150 perfect binder

Ref.: 600046796

3 clamps, miller, automatic suction feeding envelope with creasing, hot gluing, side gluing, book thickness 2.5-50 mm, output up to 1500 books/hour, unloading belt with cooling fan, good condition


end paper gluing machine Uniglue

Ref.: 630016318
The machine adheres the endpaper on the book blocks. The machine accelerates production where no complete automatic line for hardcovers is available. Changing the format takes only 5 seconds. This solution is extremely adaptable and requires very little space. 

paper boxes gluer machine Verso 60 K3

Ref.: 660016732

2017, working width max. 600 mm, sheet weight max. 800 g/m2, cartons N-F-E-G, max. speed 200 m/min., 3 point gluing, excellent condition


binder Uniband

Ref.: 680013699

new machine, book size min. 75x100 mm, max. 350x420 mm, thickness 3-79 mm, capacity max. 360 books/hour



Ref.: 680016727

new machine, ribbon inserting machine, book block min. size 70x100 mm, book block max. size 250x350 mm, book block min. thickness 7 mm, ribbon width 4-10 mm, ribbon lenght max. 460 mm, max. output 300 cycles/h


ML-750 creasing and die cutting machine

Ref.: 705013500

new machine, size 750 x 520mm, working speed max. 30 stroking/min., motor power 2.2 kW, weight 1.900 kg, dimensions 2.100 x 1.680 x 1.550 mm, control panel, central lubrication system,

Price: 0 €

ML-750 Hot Stamping and Die cutter Machine

Ref.: 705016778

size 750x520 mm, 4 heating zones, digital display, very good condition


die cutter automat Heidelberg Cylinder KORS

Ref.: 705016836

size 52x72 cm


die cutter automat Heidelberg Cylinder SBG

Ref.: 705016729

size 56x77 cm, good condition


ML-1040 creasing and die cutting machine

Ref.: 707013502

new machine, size 1.040x720mm, working speed max. 25 stroking/min., motor power 5,5 kW, weight 4.200 kg, dimensions 2.150 x 1.950 x 2.000 mm, control panel, central lubrication system,

Price: 0 €